About Us

Founded on the principles of compassion, quality, and transparency, Malacca Beauty was created in 2021 by Rishu Chauhan who share the utmost passion for clean and effective skincare. Our innovative range is free from fragrances and other components that may dry and irritate the skin –– curated from real ingredients that provide a wealth of benefits for a healthy, dreamy complexion. Searching for sustainable vegan skincare that is kind to the planet? Welcome to Malacca Beauty. 


Our mission is to promote positive change by providing safe and effective beauty products that give your skin the results you seek. More than just a beauty brand, we are building a community of clean beauty enthusiasts that uplift one another with mutual support and compassion. Come join the #MalaccaFam!


We promise you that all our products are vegan, 100% cruelty-free, and only tested on ourselves and independent consumer study groups. As part of our commitment to non-toxic living, our facial oil is formulated with only the highest quality natural ingredients to give your skin effective benefits without harming your health or the environment